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MobiMB v3.6.6.0 (Origional)

MobiMB v3.6.6.0 (Origional)(Registered) Mobile Media Browser v3.6.6(new mobiles support)

New: Added: Nokia 2300c , 2626 , 1200 , 2611, 1650 , 2760, 3500 Classic, 5310 XpressMusic, Nokia 5610 , Nokia 2310 , Nokia 5070 ,
XpressMusic, 6301, 6555 variants, 6085/6086
& all latest mobiles till 4-4-2008.

Scanned with Nod32 , KasperSky and Norton (Updated) Antiviruses.
And Found no Virus in it . for your security reasons you should also scan it with your own antivirus . but it is working fine and very well for me .

New: Added interoperability with PC Suite 6.85
New: Added file management support for some further Symbian phones

(5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator)
Changed: Extra diagnostic tests in connection manager technical support

Changed: Improved throughput in communications
Changed: Improved startup sequence when new phone connected
Changed: Modifications for detecting Nokia 6085 and 6086
Fixed: Corrected timing issues that could potentially cause some

connection types to crash during shutdown
Fixed: An issue that sometimes caused CA-53 connections to hang
New: Added support for editing themes using the new LogoManager Theme

Fixed: Some settings from previous versions were being overwritten

causing incorrect handling of certain media types in preview window
Fixed: Some JPEG files were being displayed as having the wrong

Fixed: Conflict in communication server that caused some users to see

no folders
Fixed: Hanging connection in file read or write during heavy load

Supports :

500 phone

first unistall your old mobi mb then install it and enjoy

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