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Ufs Crack Unlocker Full Motorola

Ufs Crack Unlocker Full Motorola
MotoTools (Motorola P2k/Acer) - is a first in the World aditional
standalone module for your UFS-3 (don't work with UFS-2)

1. Simple:
- don't need to install PST or components
- don't need internet conection
- don't need install TCI
- don't need install SP2 or manualy edit register of Windows
- work with any UFS-3 hardware
- flashing/unlocking without battery (for all V series)
- get new versions just use read button
- simple activation for your box just two simple operations
2. Safe:

- for all unlocking operation make buckup
- for all security related operations auto aditional safe backup
- able to work with Blank phones
- for Acer models you need only enter unlock code manual

- SP reset for all suported models
- Fix "Contact provider" problem
- Read user/master code from blocked handset
- Read/Write operations for Flex
- Read/Write operations for Language pack
- Read/Write operations for Firmware
- Read/Write operations for SLZ
- Read/Write operations with destroed (blank phones)
- Can make your own flashes from exist Flashes/Flex/LP/SLZ

4. Friendly:
- 4 diferent skins (You can choose more comfortable for Your eyes)
- 3 basic language groups

5.List of curently suported models :
- v300 v303 v400 v500 v505 v525 v600
- v180 v181 v188 v220 v226 c380 c385 c650
- V550, V551, V547, V535, V600i, V620
- V3
- v80 E398
- c155 c156 v171

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